Japan gets some remarkable exclusive content. This little comic is summarized by the TFWiki, thusly:

In 2014, Nemesis Prime was constructed by Doctor Arkeville in his secret Decepticon base in YokohamaJapan. The mad scientist used stickers to convert his clone of Optimus Prime into an evil being and was about to insert an evil soul via a Dark Energon Emblem Cookie. But before the clone could awaken, Yokohama Prime broke in and used his Autobot Cookie to bring back the inherent goodness of Optimus Prime. He was almost successful, with the stickers even peeling off. But his efforts were in vain as NAVI-ko arrived from another time and used her Yokohama Decepticon Cookie to win Nemesis Prime over to her side.

Yokohama recruited Kawasaki Prime and Safety Prime to aid him against the evil clone, but they ended up being blown away by Nemesis’s firepower. NAVI-ko met up with him and pointed out the nearby Transformers Expo.

For those a little confused, Yokohama Prime and the rest are part of the “Cybertron Satellite" promotion of giving various places and events in Japan their own Autobot mascot. NAVI-ko is the identity the goofy and childish Japanese dub of Beast Wars gave to the onboard computer of the Predacons’ ship, the Darksyde. The dub gave her personality and added dialogue (beyond the simply rewritten lines), and this comic gives her a body of her own, which looks to be a really colorful Airachnid redeco with a dolphin theme.

Also, yes. Those are actual cookies Arkeville is using. You can see him taking a bite out of one. I wonder what dr-archeville thinks of this….